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Vehicles are divided in groups based on where they can be built.

Vehicle Factory

Name Cost Tech. Level
Patrol Motorcycle 85 b mats. 1
Transport Truck 100 b mats. 1
Field Machine Gun 100 b mats. 2
Landing APC 140 b mats. 2
Light Utility Vehicle 120 b mats. 2
Half-track 120 b mats. 3
Field Artillery 70 b mats. 4
Hatchet H5 (Colonial only) 150 r mats.

1 Lt. Tank Kit

Devitt Mark III (Warden only) 150 r mats.

1 Lt. Tank Kit



Name Cost Tech. Level
Barge 170 b mats. 1
Gunboat 120 b mats. 1

Near Town Halls

Name Cost Tech. Level
Construction Vehicle 100 b mats. N/A